How to Get the Default Database Name & Password of WordPress Site

Looking for a quick guide on how to get the default database name and passwords of your your Wordpress-powered site? Here's it is.

1Go to your cPanel dashboard and look for "File Manager" under the Files table.

Files table

2Click the File manager link. A new tab/window will open.

3On the left side, look for "public_html" and then click on it.


4If you have several blogs/websites on your webhost, select the folder of the blog you want to change the password.

blog folder

5On the right side, look for wp-config.php

wp-config.php file

6Highlight wp-config.php by clicking on it then click the "View" button at the topmost menu.

highlight the wp-config.php file

It will open a new tab/window which reveals the content of the wp-config.php file.

7Now, take note of the MySQL database username and MySQL database password.

MySQL database username and MySQL database password

7That's it.

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