How to Remove or Change Credit Link

You are free to remove credit links to PreMadeNiches, PMThemes or other footer links to any sites. Feel free to change it to your own links if you wish.

footer link

Edit Access

To edit or remove footer credit links just login to your Wordpress admin then navigate to Appearance => Customize => Theme Settings => Footer Settings.

footer link

Delete it

To delete the link, just highlight all HTML contents of the "Footer Text" field then hit "Delete" button on your keypad.

footer text highlight
Click image for a quick GIF demo.

If the "Display credit link to pmthemes on footer." is active, just uncheck it.


Change it

To change credit link to your own links, edit the HTML code directly or simply copy and paste your own HTML code into the text box.

footer text edit

Link Still There? Check the Footer Menu

In some PLR blogs, the footer link is placed via WordPress' Menus feature. This way you can easily and quickly remove or edit it.

You'll know it's on the menus when the link is located on the right side of the footer just after the TOS link.

footer link

So all you need to do is navigate to Appearance => Menus => Footer (Footer Navigation).

For beginners, here's a step-by-step guide:

1 Hover you mouse over Appearance menu item then click Menus.

go to menus

2 On the menus page, if Footer (Footer Navigation) is not the current selection select it from the drop down menu.

footer navigation

3 Click "Select" button.

footer link

4 You should now see the keyword link. It is usually embedded with the last menu which is labeled "Custom Link".

get rid of that custom link

5 Click the inverted triangle and you should be able to edit the content.

get rid of that custom link

You may remove it if you want.

6 Click the "Save Menu" button.

get rid of that custom link

7 That's it.

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